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Control Boxes & Cables


Tohatsu Control Boxes
Our Side Mount, Flush Mount and Top/Binnacle & Dual Binnacle Mount control boxes are designed to provide remote throttle & shift control for Tohatsu outboards. Tohatsu offers a wide range of control boxes, mounting kits, and remote conversion kits to accommodate almost any application. For a complete list of kits & options, please contact your local Tohatsu dealer.



 Part Number


Control box styles pictured may be different than those offered at the time of your order. Please contact your local Tohatsu dealer for a current list of styles available.

Drag Link
Specially designed for Tohatsu outboards to connect the steering cable to your Tohatsu outboard.


 Part Number

Description Applicable Models


Drag Link J MFS8/9.8 (4-Stroke)


Drag Link G M9.9D2/15D2/18E2 (2-Stroke)


Drag Link H MFS9.9/15/18/20/25/30 (4-Stroke) & M60/70(B&C)/115/140 (2-Stroke) &
MD70/90/115 (TLDI)


Drag Link C M25C3/30A4 (2-Stroke)


Drag Link B M40C (2-Stroke)


Drag Link E M40/50D (2-Stroke) & MD40/50 (TLDI)


Drag Link D M90A (2-Stroke)

Remote Control Fitting Kit
This remote control fitting kit converts steering, throttle and shift from tiller handle functions to remote control.


 Part Number


 Please contact your local dealer to determine the correct kit for your model.

Hi-Lex Throttle & Shift CLAMP TYPE Cables are available in lengths from 6ft to 30ft. Made by TSK, the world's largest cable manufacturer, these cables are a high quality alternative to any standard 3300 series cable.

Manufactured using a unique process of winding smaller cables over the sold core ensures the most flexible and strongest cable for its compact size on the market. The inner cable is covered with a unique ribbed nylon coating to guarantee minimum friction and maximum efficiency. A polyethylene liner matched to the ribbed inner core further minimums friction. Zinc plated structure, impregnated by a patented oil inclusion process and coated with a UV resistant polyethylene outer casing ensure this cable will handle the harshest marine environment.

The design of this sealed cable with self-lubricating properties of the material ensures lifetime lubrication of sliding components. This, combined with high quality a stainless steel push rod, provides a maintenance free, trouble free cable.


 Part Number



6 foot


8 foot


9 foot


10 foot


11 foot


12 foot


13 foot


14 foot


15 foot


16 foot


17 foot


18 foot


19 foot


20 foot


21 foot


22 foot


23 foot


24 foot


25 foot


26 foot


27 foot


28 foot


29 foot


30 foot

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