Plastic Fuel Tank

These fuel tanks are constructed of high-quality plastic and are UL approved. Fuel tanks are available in 25 liter (6.6 U.S. gallon) and 12 liter (3.1 U.S. gallon) sizes, and come standard with the fuel connectors .

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Part Number Description
3V170-1671M 3.1 US Gallon (12 liter) fuel tank with tank-side connector
3AC70-1771M 6.6 US Gallon (25 liter) fuel tank with tank-side connector & fuel gauge

Propane/LPG Fuel Tank

Constructed of lightweight, noncorrosive, composite materials that are also translucent to allow user to see the level of fuel remaining. Wide, stable base helps prevent the tank from tipping over. And ergonomic carrying handle makes them easy to transport and stack/store

Part Number Description
99999VC11R 11 lb. propane fuel tank

Remote Control Fitting Kit

This remote control fitting kit converts steering, throttle and shift from tiller handle functions to remote control.

Part Number Description
Please contact your local dealer to determine the correct kit for your model.

Fuel Line Hose (primer bulb assembly & fuel connectors)

Long life hose has quick connect type fitting on tank and engine end (except 3FF70-2004M). Includes built in primer bulb.

Part Number Description
3B770-2004M 5-90hp 2-Stroke & TLDI Models (will not fit 75/90C2 & 115TLDI model)
3H670-2002M 4-50hp 4-Stroke Models
3E070-2001M 115/140hp 2-Stroke
3FF70-2004M Without connectors/fittings. Fits all models.

Fuel Connectors (Engine Male)

These male connectors are located on the engine side, for fuel hose attachment.

Part Number Description Applicable Models
3B2-70260-1 8mm (5/16") 5-90hp 2-Stroke & 40 ~ 90B TLDI Models
(not needed for 75/90C2 & 115TLDI models or BFT models)
394-70260-0 8mm (5/16") 4-50hp 4-Stroke Models
3C7-70260-0 8mm (5/16") 115/140hp 2-Stroke

Fuel Connectors (Tank Male)

The male connector is located on the tank side for fuel hose attachment.

Part Number Description Applicable Models
9999800MA2 1/4" NPT (thread) All Models with portable tanks. Can be used on permanent tanks or fuel/water separators with 1/4" NPT (thread)

Fuel Connectors (Tank Female)

The female connector fits the fuel tank end of the hose for quick connect and disconnect.

Part Number Description Applicable Models
3B2-70281-0 8mm (5/16") All Models. Works with 9999800MA2 fuel connector.

Tohatsu Water / Fuel Separator Filter

Easily connected between your fuel tank and engine, the 10 micron filter traps over 98% of the water that may be present in the fuel tank before it reaches your engine. This prevents moisture from damaging the critical engine parts such as the electric fuel feed pump and the fuel injection system or carburetors. This is especially important with today's ethanol based fuels which attracts water more easily than regular fuels. 1/4" NPT fittings required (not included)

Part Number Description
99999-37851 Tohatsu Water/Fuel Separator Kit (includes one filter)
99999-37801 Replacement 10 micron filter (for Tohatsu Water/Fuel Separator)

Unikas Water / Fuel Separator Filter

The Unikas UF-10K water/fuel separator filter installs between your fuel tank and engine and is designed to trap 99% of any water that may be present in the fuel. Unlike traditional water/fuel separators, Unikas separators feature a transparent bowl with floating ring to quickly see how much water has been trapped. Also features a drain screw allowing the user to drain any accumulated water without having to remove the filter. Approved and recommended for use with ethanol blended fuels. Kit includes one 10 micron filter and connectors. Fits all outboards with a maximum fuel flow up to 31 gallons/hour (117 liters/hour).

Part Number Description
99999-UF10K UNIKAS UF-10K Water/Fuel Separator Kit (includes one filter)
99999-UF10RF Replacement 10 micron filter for Unikas UF-10K (includes replace o-ring)