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Tohatsu dealers and Authorized Service Centers provide only genuine Tohatsu parts and accessories designed to maximize your Tohatsu outboard's performance.


Tohatsu Engine Care Products

To keep your outboard running in perfect condition, Tohatsu offers 2-stroke and 4-stroke oil, marine grease, fuel stabilizers, fogging oil and 4-stroke oil filters.

Tohatsu 2-Stroke TC-W3® Oil
Tohatsu Premium TC-W3 Oil is a synthetic blend that is specially formulated to work with all 2-strokes including our TLDI (direct injection) outboards. Tohatsu Premium Oil is NMMA certified and exceeds the industry minimum requirements of TC-W3 oil. Tohatsu 2-stroke oil contains additional additives and detergents to keep your Tohatsu outboard running at peak performance. Available in pints, quarts or gallons.


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TC-W3 2-Stroke Oil - Pints


TC-W3 2-Stroke Oil - Quarts


TC-W3 2-Sstroke Oil - Gallons

Tohatsu "Complete Advantage" 100% Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil exceeds all NMMA TC-W3 requirements and is approved for use in our TLDI (direct injection) models. Tohatsu’s newly developed “Complete Advantage” 100% Full Synthetic TLDI 2-Cycle Oil provides the following benefits over our standard 2-cycle oil:

  • Exceeds the NMMA TC-W3 oil rating standard

  • 100% Synthetic Oil with custom high-performance additive technology

  • Far easier cold starting than competitive oils

  • Ultimate lubricity & wear protection

  • Engine cleanliness – reduced carbon and deposits

  • Increased anti-wear additives for extended engine life

  • Low smoke

  • Outstanding corrosion & rust protection

  • Tohatsu engineering tested and approved

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Complete Advantage 2-Stroke Oil - Gallons

Tohatsu 4-Stroke FC-W® Oil
For your 4-stroke outboard, you should use Genuine Tohatsu FC-W 4-Stroke Oil. Tohatsu 4-Stroke Oil has been specially formulated to handle the higher RPM's that outboards are subjected to as well as special rust inhibitors to combat the harsh operating conditions of the marine environment.

Genuine Tohatsu Oil reduces friction/wear and ensures the internal components are properly lubricated for optimum performance. Tohatsu FC-W 4-Stroke Oil is NMMA Certified.


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FC-W 4-Stroke Oil - Quarts


FC-W 4-Stroke Oil - Gallons

4-Stroke Oil Filter
For maximum protection of your 4-stroke outboard, oil filters should be replaced every 100 hours and/or every 6 months with Genuine Tohatsu Oil Filters.


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Applicable Models


All 9.9, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60hp 4-stroke models


BFT75-250 4-Stroke models

 Click here to view cross reference table of 3R007-6150M to other filters.

Oil Filter Wrench makes installation & removal of your oil filter a snap. A "must have" for users that change their oil & filter themselves.


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Applicable Models


All 9.9hp - 250hp 4-stroke models

Tohatsu Lower Unit Gear Lube marine grade 80W90 oil is designed to help minimize rust and corrosion caused by high amounts of water contamination. Contains additives and corrosion inhibitors to protect gears and bearings subject to corrosion by water seepage. Anti-foam agents ensure lubrication to all gears and bearings.


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Quart (32 fl. oz.)


5 Gallon Pail


16 Gallon Drum

Tohatsu Marine Grease is an extremely low friction lubricant designed for maximum resistance to fresh and saltwater washout. Tremendous sealing capabilities prevent contamination of vital components and provide excellent lubrication at varying temperatures.

Applications include: Tilt lock mechanisms, swivel pins, throttle linkage, steering system cables, u-joints, hinge pins, gimble bearings, coupler splines and boat trailer wheel bearings.


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14oz. cartridge

Tohatsu Fogging Oil protects outboard engines during period of off-season storage. It combines strong rust and corrosion inhibitors, moisture displacing additives and a “fine aerosol” base carrier. This allows for easy flow through the engine air intake system and thorough protection of remote internal engine components.


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12oz. spray can

Tohatsu Fuel Stabilizer for use in all 2-stroke & 4-stroke marine engines, improves engine performance by keeping the fuel fresh and the fuel system clean. Can be used for everyday use or long periods of storage. Especially recommended when using ethanol blended fuel.

Removes water to prevent corrosion and cleans carburetors and fuel injectors. Protects engine from gum, varnish, rust, and corrosion. Prolongs fuel life.

One bottle treats up to 32 gallons of gasoline.


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8oz. bottle

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