Tohatsu Water Relief Valve
Tohatsu Water Relief Valve

Tohatsu Water Relief Valve

Hassle free pressure control work in relay pumping operation.
Release the excessive pressure applied to the suction port during relay water supply to protect the pump and hoses.


Specification 75 x 65mm65 x 65mm
Adapter JIS threadJIS thread
Outlet diameter 75 (3 inch) x 65mm (2-1/2 inch)65 (2-1/2 inch) x 65mm (2-1/2 inch)
Measurement 190 mm x 225 mm160 x 200mm
Weight 1.65 kg1.6kg
Relief water flow 700L per minute at 0.6MPa700L per minute at 0.6MPa
Indicator of water flow --
Suction minimum depth --
Part number 685-40100-1685-40140-1
Remarks Min. operational pressure: 0.2MPaMin. operational pressure: 0.2MPa


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Tohatsu Water Relief Valve

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