Tohatsu Corporation Starts Delivery
of the First Production of VE500AS

Tohatsu Corporation Starts Delivery<br> of the First Production of VE500AS

Japanese portable fire pump manufacturer, Tohatsu Corporation, has started deliveries of the first production units of its newest model, VE500AS, to worldwide distributors.
V20 series has been widly used around the world since it was released.
At this time, V20FS would be reborn as the new model, VE500AS.
VE500AS is newly adopted Electronic Fuel Injection System that makes it possible to start smoothly in any environment such as highlands, and cold regions.
The flow rate is 500L/m at 6 bar, and it's the lightest model in its class.
We, TOHATSU, believe VE500AS would provide you a new solution.

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