Poor discharge

  • Suction hose

    • Suction height is too high.
    • Suction hose is too long.
    • Strainer is clogged with dirt, mud or plastic sheet.
    • Suction hose is clogged with dirt, or mud etc.
    • Connections are loose.
    • Gasket is poor seal.
  • Pump

    • Discharge valve handle is opened half.
    • Impeller is clogged with dirt or mud.
    • Guide vane is clogged with dirt or mud.
    • Impeller or guide vane is deformed.
    • Pump cover mounting bolts are loose.
  • Discharge

    • Nozzle diameter is not correct.
    • Play pipe with nozzle opening is insufficient.
    • Play pipe with nozzle is clogged.
  • Engine

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