Poor suction

  • Vacuum is not formed

    Suction hose system is defective

    • Suction hose end is not into water.
    • Suction hose connections are not tight.
    • Suction hose packings are defective.
    • Suction hose is cracked or damaged.
    • Vacuum or pressure gauge hose is cracked.

    Cocks are not closed

    • Pump drain cock is open.
    • Muffler drain cock is open.

    Hose connections are loose

    • Vacuum hose.
    • Vacuum gauge hose.

    Vacuum pump is not working

    • Strainer is clogged with dust.
    • V-belt is damaged.
    • Lever does not move.
    • Rotor or shaft is seized.
    • Vane(s) is broken.

    Check valves, water stop valve are not working

    • They are clogged with dirt.
    • Diaphragm is cracked.

    Mechanical seal

    • Dirt is attached to it.
    • it is worn out.

    Throttle dial

    • it is not set at START/SUCTION position.

  • Vacuum is formed

    • Suction head is too high.
    • Suction strainer is clogged with dust, or plastic sheet, etc.
  • Vacuum is intermittently formed and lost

    • Suction hose end is near the water surface.
    • Suction hose is not held level.

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