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Plastic Fuel Tank

These fuel tanks are constructed of high-quality plastic and are UL approved. Fuel tanks are available in 25 liter (6.6 U.S. gallon) and 12 liter (3.1 U.S. gallon) sizes, and come standard with the fuel connectors and fuel gauge.

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Part Number Description
3B2-70167-1 12 liter (3.1 US Gallon) fuel tank with tank-side connector & fuel gauge
3KZ-70177-0 25 liter (6.6 US Gallon) fuel tank with tank-side connector & fuel gauge

Fuel Line Hose

Long life fuel resistant hose has quick connect type of fitting on tank and engine end. Includes built in primer bulb in this 2.46m (8 ft)

Part Number Applicable Models
3B7-70200-5 5 - 90hp (2-Stroke) & 40 - 50hp (TLDI)
3H6-70200-2 4 - 50hp (4-Stroke)
3E0-70200-1 115 - 140hp (2-Stroke)
3T1-70200-1 75 -115hp (TLDI)

Fuel Connectors (Engine Male)

To attach the fuel hose, these male connectors needs to be attached onto the engine.

Part Number Applicable Models
3B2-70260-1 5 - 90hp (2-Stroke) & 40 - 50hp (TLDI)
394-70260-0 4 - 50hp (4-Stroke)
3C7-70260-0 115 - 140hp (2-Stroke)

Fuel Connectors (Engine Female)

These female connectors attaches to the engine, and allows quicker connection/disconnection of the hose.

Part Number Applicable Models
3GF-70250-1 M5B through 90A2 (2-Stroke) & MD40/50B2 (TLDI)
3GR-70250-0 MFS4C through 50A (4-Stroke)
3C7-70250-0 M115/140A2 (2-Stroke)

Fuel Connectors (Tank Male)

This male connector is located on the fuel tank side. Metric thread connectors are stainless steel.

Part Number Applicable Models
3E0-70270-0 All Models

Fuel Connectors (Tank Female)

This female connector attaches to the tank end of the hose, and allows quicker connection/disconnection.

Part Number Applicable Models
3GF-70281-0 All Models


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