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To keep your outboard running in perfect condition, Tohatsu offers 2-stroke and 4-stroke oil, marine grease, fuel stabilizers and 4-stroke oil filters.

Tohatsu Super Gold Oil (2-Stroke)

Part Number Description
3C7-72301-0 Super Gold <0.4L x 20 / 1 case>
3C7-72302-0 Super Gold <1L x 20 / 1 case>
3C7-72304-0 Super Gold <4L x 6 / 1 case>
3C7-72303-0 Super Gold <20L x 1 pail>

Tohatsu MD PLATINA Oil (2-Stroke for TLDI)

Part Number Description
3Y9-72302-0 MD Platina Oil <1L x 20 / 1 case>
3Y9-72304-0 MD Platina Oil <4L x 6 / 1 case>

Tohatsu 4-Stroke Oil

Part Number Description
3AC-72300-0 4-Stroke Oil <1L x 20 case>
3AS-72300-0 4-Stroke Oil <0.45L x 20 case>


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