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New Model MFS2.5/3.5C, MFS4/5/6D and MFS5DLPG debut

Tohatsu Corporation would like to announce our new portable models of MFS2.5/3.5 and MFS4/5/6 and MFS5LPG engines.

New features include newly designed large front and back carrying handles and new 3-way storage positions. Easier transportation has been one of the most requested features from customers and the newly designed handles make lifting and transporting much easier.

The 3-way storage positions answer another frequently asked question - what is the best way to store an outboard motor. Tohatsu's unique engine oil breather system and the improved lower cowl design allows the engine to be stored on its front, starboard or port side without leaking oil or fuel. With these new features, its portable engines are now more user friendly for both recreational and commercial use. 

The new portable range will be available in 2020. click HERE.

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