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Tohatsu Corporation Announces the Newest Addition: MFS140A(W) Counter-Rotation Model

Japanese outboard motor manufacturer, Tohatsu Corporation, has announced that it will add the 140 horsepower 4-stroke counter-rotation model to its lineup.

MFS140A CR プレスリリース用.png

The MFS140A is the flagship model of the Tohatsu outboard lineup. Tohatsu's 4-stroke, 140 hp outboard features higher torque, faster top end speed and acceleration from its unique 4-2-1 Performance Tuned Exhaust, an industry-first designed exhaust manifold. By engineering each exhaust passage to be equal in length, the merging of exhaust gases of each cylinder creates extra suction that helps pull the exhaust gases from the engine. This completely eliminates the possibility of exhaust interference and drastically improves the performance.

4-1 exhaust manifold.png

Provided by 4-2-1 Performance Tuned Exhaust, MFS140A creates an exhilarating acceleration that you can only experience with Tohatsu. With the introduction of MFS140A counter-rotation model, the combination of standard and counter rotation models provides better maneuverability and stability in twin MFS140A applications.

MFS140A CR プレスリリース用イメージ.png

The newest model MFS140A counter-rotation model will be premiered at 2024 Toronto International Boat Show and boot Dusseldorf 2024. It will be offered in Ultra-Long (25inch) shaft both in Aqua Marine Blue and Beluga White, and will be available to the market in Summer 2024.