Tohatsu Control Boxes

Our Side Mount, Flush Mount and Top/Binnacle & Dual Binnacle Mount control boxes are designed to provide remote throttle & shift control for Tohatsu outboards. Tohatsu offers a wide range of control boxes, mounting kits, and remote conversion kits to accommodate almost any application. For a complete list of kits & options, please contact your local Tohatsu dealer.

Control box styles pictured may be different than those offered at the time of your order. Please contact your local Tohatsu dealer for a current list of styles available.

Drag Link

Specially designed for Tohatsu outboards to connect the steering cable to your Tohatsu outboard.

Part Number Description Applicable Models
3AA-84905-0 Drag Link J MFS8/9.8 (4-Stroke)
3G2-84905-0 Drag Link G M9.9D2/15D2/18E2 (2-Stroke)
3E0-84905-1 Drag Link H MFS9.9/15/18/20/25/30 (4-Stroke) & M60/70(B&C)/115/140 (2-Stroke) & MD70/90/115 (TLDI)
346-84905-1 Drag Link C M25C3/30A4 (2-Stroke)
361-84905-1 Drag Link B M40C (2-Stroke)
3C8-849 10-2 Drag Link E M40/50D (2-Stroke) & MD40/50 (TLDI)
3B7-84905-1 Drag Link D M90A (2-Stroke)

Remote Control Fitting Kit

This remote control fitting kit converts steering, throttle and shift from tiller handle functions to remote control.

Please contact your local dealer to determine the correct kit for your model.

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