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Tohatsu Corporation Announces the Newest Addition: MFS25/30D

Japanese outboard motor manufacturer, Tohatsu Corporation, has announced that it will add the next generation 25/30 horsepower 4-stroke engines to its model lineup.

"We are extremely excited to introduce our new, re-designed MFS25/30D 4-stroke model," says Isami Hyuga, President of Tohatsu Corporation. "Tohatsu has spent years developing and optimizing these models to exceed our customer demand."


"The all new MFS25/30D model is the lightest 3-cylinder in its class and is engineered for a variety of boating applications. We managed to cut down the weight by almost 20% from its predecessor," says Hyuga. The revolutionary design allowed for a dramatic weight reduction without sacrificing high performance levels.

Weight Comparison Chart.png

Unique to the MFS25/30D, Tohatsu has redesigned the tiller handle to include a stop switch, a four-step trolling speed control system from 750 to 1050 RPM, forward - neutral - reverse shifter, throttle friction adjustment and electric start button on certain models. Tohatsu's multi-function tiller handle is also available for multiple model options. The multi-function tiller handle is equipped with 3-position height adjustment with optional accessory to provide an additional 4-position height adjustment. Both standard and multi-function tiller handles have trolling speed control feature. Remote control models are also available.

MFS25-30D Steering Photos.png

MFS25/30D models are designed for a wide variety of boat types such as inflatables, aluminum, fiberglass and pontoon. Available in Tohatsu Aqua Marine Blue and Beluga White, multiple shaft lengths, and tiller or remote options, MFS25/30D will meet any configuration you need for your boat.

The newest model MFS25/30D will be premiered worldwide at Miami International Boat Show 2022 and will be available to the market in late Summer 2022.