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Tohatsu to display prototype 4.0kW Electric Outboard

Japan's oldest outboard motor manufacturer, Tohatsu Corporation, will exhibit its prototype 4.0kW electric outboard at the 2024 Miami International Boat Show.


Tohatsu's 4.0kW electric outboard is designed and developed by Tohatsu Corporation, estimated to release in 2025.


"We are excited to introduce the Tohatsu electric propulsion series," said Isami Hyuga, president of Tohatsu Corporation. "Our electric propulsion series will kick off with the 6.0kW electric outboard this year with a partnership with Ilmor Marine. The 4.0kW electric outboard will follow in 2025. Tohatsu is committed to a sustainable product lineup, and we are eager to now include electric outboards."

Tohatsu has specialized in designing and manufacturing outboard motors since 1956 with more than 100 years of engineering experience producing the most reliable and user-friendly products.


The Tohatsu 4.0kW electric outboard will be designed to produce similar acceleration as a Tohatsu 4-stroke 8hp outboard. It is planned to be offered in tiller or remote steering with an option of 15-inch short shaft, 20-inch long shaft, and 25-inch ultra-long shaft for a variety of boat types.


The 4.0kW electric outboard will be designed and developed to be as simple as possible for user-friendly operation. Tiller model configuration includes shift and throttle grip for intuitive operation. An LED indicator on the front of the cowling shows remaining battery level and warning alerts, and full-color Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) built-in to the tiller handle provides battery level, running speed, and remaining distance and hours. Every aspect will be designed with the same attention to quality, durability and reliability as all Tohatsu products.

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Tohatsu 4.0kW electric outboard will be showcased at the 2024 Miami International Boat Show and planned to be available to the US, Canada and European markets in 2025.