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Available summer 2024


Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, feel the rush of acceleration, and embrace a greener future. Welcome to that world with the all-new ALARIS™ 6.0kW electric outboard, the pinnacle of electric propulsion technology for watercraft enthusiasts. Unleash the power of the future technology today!

Each life is unique. Each moment is irreplaceable. Tohatsu helps you enjoy each experience to the fullest, in your own way. Meaning “of the wings,” ALARIS enables each person to discover and pursue a more meaningful way of life. ALARIS expands your values and provides experiences beyond the brand.

ALARIS™ 6.0kW Electric Propulsion Benefits

  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Built in GPS
  • Passive cooling
  • No exhaust fumes and emissions
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Available in short (15”), long (20”), ultra long (25”) transom height
  • 2 Year limited warranty for pleasure use
  • 1 Year limited warranty for commercial use

High Performance and Easy Operation

  • Integrated Power Tilt
  • 3” touch screen control display with variety of functions such as, Integrated Pass Key, Diagnostics, Speed, Tilt position, Battery type, Battery level, multiple-language selection (English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian)

Fundamentals for User Convenience and Reliability

  • Lithium, Lead-Acid or AGM Battery configuration
  • Side and Top mounted control to fit wide range of boat and rigging options
  • Less maintenance and enhanced longevity achieved by “passive cooling”

Warning & Protection

  • Corrosion-preventive materials are selected for use in brackish water or saltwater
  • Safety lanyard (an essential protection feature standard on all Tohatsu outboards)
  • Replaceable skeg


Integrated power trim & tilt

Incorporated Electric-Hydraulic Tilt comes standard. Trim buttons are located on the control box.

Passive cooling

Motor and heat sink are located underwater, resulting in passive cooling. Passive cooling does not require moving parts, resulting in less maintenance and enhanced longevity.

3" touch screen control display

・Integrated Pass Key                                                                                                    ・Diagnostics                                                                                                                   ・Speed, Tilt and Trim                                                                                                         ・Battery Type, Percentage                                                                                                        ・Language Selection

Flexible battery configurations

・48-60V                                                                                                            ・Compatible with:                                                                                                     - Lithium Ion                                                                                                       - Lithium Iron Phosphate                                                                                                     - AGM                                                                                                                    - Lead Acid                                                                                                                              *Power cable set with battery switch included

Bulit-in GPS

GPS is built in to the outboard and provides data to the Control Display, eliminating the need for a separate speedometer.

Side or Top mount controls

Available in both side and top-mount, the control box fits a wide range of boat and rigging options. Includes the Tohatsu standard safety lanyard.


Input Power 6.0kW
Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
Motor Weight* 70lbs (32kg)
Max. RPM Range 1300
Cooling Passive
Control Type Remote Control
Transom Height 15", 20", 25"
Propeller Standard - 11" / Optional - 8" & 14"
Power Trim and Tilt Integrated
Gauge 3" touch screen control display
Comparable Gas Outboard HP 9.9hp
Compatible Battery Types** Lithium Ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate, AGM, Lead Acid
Rated Voltage 48-60V
Battery runtime expectancy (theoretical value)*** Power Usage (Watt)     Runtime (hr/min)                             6,000           00:48                       3,000           01:36                         1,500            03:12                                       500              09:36                                    
*Weight specification is based on the lightest version.
**The MEP 6.0 is battery agnostic allowing you to select the battery type that best fits your boating needs and budget. See dealers for battery options.
***Battery runtime expectancy is calculated based on typical (4) 100Amp-Hour 48V nominal lead-acid battery configuration. The actual run times may differ based on factors such as battery quality, health, and current charge level.

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